About Us

Who We Are: Lynn, Josh and Brady

Josh and Brady met in the Army, after serving overseas as infantry officers on the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and Iraq.  Then, they were stationed together at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a result, their friendship and trust has lasted fifteen years and counting.

When Brady was on leave from Iraq, he met Lynn at an Irish pub in South Beach, Miami. They kept in touch. A few years later, they hopped on a flight to Vegas and eloped.

After his military service, Brady used his Computer Science degree and MBA to pursue a career in the corporate sector. Josh went on to graduate from law school. Lynn applied her graduate degree in English to a career in marketing. After living in various states and countries, Brady, Lynn, Josh and Josh's wife, Cheri, all found themselves living in Pennsylvania.

One of Brady and Josh's common interests has always been entrepreneurship. They believe that the all-American ideal of using brains, brawn and a ton of hard work, you can create a thriving enterprise from scratch. So, they were always on the look out for an exciting and innovative business idea that they could work on in partnership.

A chance trip to a VR arcade provided the necessary spark. After much brainstorming, research, and planning, Josh and Brady were ready to tackle their mission: to become the area’s first ever virtual reality arcade and turn-key VR solution provider. They somehow convinced Lynn to join them on this crazy adventure. With different strengths but a common purpose, a great team was formed. Josh and Brady continue to work on various back office aspects of the business, while Lynn runs the day-to-day operations.