VR eSports Games

The current VR eSports competitive environment hosts competitions in the following games. Scroll down below the video gallery to see details of our eSports program.

Now Recruiting VR eSports Players!

Complete the registration request form below and we will contact you for team start-up.  In addition, anyone below the age of 18 requires parental approval.
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • Team consist of 3-4 players
  • Multiple teams of four are fielded
  • Team members play any of the VR eSports games listed below
  • Team practices are held two times per week (Monday to Friday)
  • Each practice is 90 minutes in duration
  • The timing for each practice is determined by each team and captain
  • Competitions are scheduled both against other NeverlandVR teams and other VR arcades globally.  There are no additional costs for this.  The day and time will vary for these competitions.
  • Teams are grouped by age
  • Dues are $25/month/player
  • Receive 20% off any non-team gameplay, any day of the week
  • Team members receive free entry into tournaments

Electronic Sports - What is it?

"Esports", "E-sports", or "eSports" is a short form of "electronic sports".  This is a term used to reference competitive video game play. Yes, there are professional esports players that play for monetary compensation.
To put this esports world in perspective, the esports market is expected to top $1B in annual revenue worldwide in 2019.  Consequently, there are owners, teams, players, sponsorships, and prize money.  Therefore, world-class players in the most popular games can earn over $2M in prize money per year.
Most of the current eSports market is in standard PC (personal computer) or console (Playstation/X-box) gaming.  On the other hand, only recently with the proliferation of virtual reality (VR) technology have VR eSports arrived on the gaming scene.  As a result, VR eSports is less than two years old as of 2018.