Pistol Whip Tournament

Dates: March 19th - 22nd

Entry Fee: $5 with 30-minute reservation or FREE with 1 hour reservation.

Neverland Virtual Reality is excited to partner with the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) to host their Pistol Whip tournament! All you need to do to enter is pay the entry fee, play certain Pistol Whip songs at Neverland Virtual Reality between March 19th and 22nd, and our staff will confirm your high score to be entered into the tournament. It's that easy!

VAL is offering cash prizes for the top 8 scores between all participating arcades, and Neverland VR is offering a free 1 hour station voucher to our high score winner!

The tournament is split into two rounds: a home round and an arcade round. This means that even if you already own the game at home, you can still join our competition for a chance at even more prizes!

**No registration required. Reserving play time on our website is strongly recommended to guarantee availability during the tournament, as it runs during normal operating hours.**