Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got questions? We're here to help.

Can we do this as a family? 

Absolutely, yes! There are multiple experiences that can be done together.  This requires at least two stations since only one person can be in a headset at each station at a time.  Many families have enjoyed Creed Boxing, Smashbox Arena, Arizona Sunshine, Affected (haunted house), and many more together.  Some families simply enjoy watching their family members experience VR on the Ultra High Definition television at each station.

I don’t play video games. Will I still enjoy VR?

Yes! Many of our games are appropriate for beginners. The VR experience is so unique that even non-gamers will have a great time.

How do I find you?

We are located in the historic borough of West Chester. Our exact address for your GPS is 209 East Market Street, West Chester, PA 19382.

Where should I park?

Limited street parking is available. We are also a 5-minute walk from the Bicentennial Parking Facility at 20 South High Street.  

When are you open?

Visit our Hours page for up to date hours of operation.

What’s the minimum age for VR?

Depending on their level of coordination, kids as young as five can catch on to VR pretty quickly. We also have a wide-array of games that are age-appropriate for even young kids. Ideally, we recommend ages 6 and up.

How many people do you allow per station?  

We allow a maximum of four people per station except for our racing station which has a maximum of two people. Each station has one headset so only one person can play at a time at each station. If you want to play certain games together simultaneously, you must book multiple stations.

Can I split a station time or gift card purchase between multiple stations?

Station time and gift cards are purchased on a PER STATION basis. You cannot split a purchase up across multiple stations. If you want to purchase time on multiple stations, you must purchase the requisite time or gift cards for each station. Example: buying a 2-hour gift card means two hours on a single station; you cannot use this 2-hour card for one hour on two stations. To buy one hour on two stations, you would purchase two 1-hour gift cards.

You can take time purchased for one station and transfer that time during your visit to another station.  Example: you purchase or redeem a gift card for a Room-Scale station and want transfer your remaining time to a driving simulator during your visit.  This is subject to availability.

Do you serve food and drink?

We offer bottled water and cans of soda for sale for $1. Ask a member of our staff.  For private events, we allow food and drink to be brought on site.

Can we reserve your space for private parties?

Absolutely! Prices start at $375 for a two-hour event. Visit our Events page for more information.

Do I need to reserve space in advance?

Due to limited capacity, we highly-recommend you reserve your preferred time slot in advance. This ensures that your station is ready upon your arrival. Visit our Reserve Time page to book your time.

How much does it cost?

For our complete pricing, please visit our Pricing page.

Do you allow for multi-player experiences? 

We absolutely do.  We will also have an electronic sports (e-sports) league for various titles.

Can people in wheelchairs enjoy VR? 

Absolutely, yes.  We have hosted multiple adults and children that rely on a wheelchair for mobility.  Depending on the experience and the capability of each person, some can enjoy independently while some need a little help from their caregiver.