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Update: After reading the below, we have a COVID-specific health and safety supplement that you can review.


In our business, the health and safety or our team members and customers is paramount. As parents ourselves, we wanted to ensure that we provided a healthy experience for our many guests. So, before we opened in 2018, we ensured that our processes met or exceeded hospital, military, and industrial standards for safety. That was first, even before any technology considerations.

Leadership Matters

Our founders, Josh and Brady, are military veterans with extensive experience overseas. Physical security was the first health and safety layer to be addressed before we launched.  Without getting into too much detail on these measures and countermeasures, our experience center has precautions similar to a bank in this area of physical security.

Josh's wife, Cheri, is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in pulmonary and infectious diseases. She confirmed the health and safety protocol we established for equipment and physical space hygiene.  We visited virtual reality centers from Houston, to New York City, to Toronto, to Pennsylvania, to New Jersey before we established our best practices for hygiene.

We also brought on-board a Chief Medical Officer.  This is primarily for supporting our work in the mental health industry but we consult with him as needed. Look for our announcements about this area and his formal introduction in the weeks ahead.

Hygiene Standards

When we evaluated other virtual reality operations prior to opening in 2018, we saw everything from no visible equipment cleaning to fabric inserts that minimize contact between your face and the headset.  Based on Cheri's recommendation, we decided to implement the use of a medical grade alcohol wipe after each use of the headset and controllers.  These wipes are the same that you would find in a hospital. While we do offer the fabric insert option, that is not effective in reducing the spread of any germs.

Separate from the equipment that customers come into contact with, our floors, seating, tables, counters, walls, windows, doors, and bathroom are cleaned on a regular schedule.  We also have hand sanitizer available for anyone that wants it.  We don't mess around with health and safety. Our team and customers trust us to ensure a high-quality experience and that includes hygiene.

One of the most important aspects about the experience with Neverland Virtual Reality is the intimate setting that we have.  You are not lost in a large space like a movie theater, trampoline park, amusement center, or bowling alley.  This means less traffic and fewer people. Outside of a private event, on average there will only be a total of six (6) customers in our West Chester location at a time.  Try avoiding people at trampoline park, amusement center, or computer center.  Better yet, see if their hygiene procedures with surface wipe down comes even close to ours. (It will not). How many people have you known or heard about that experienced a health and safety issue stemming from a trampoline?

Furthermore, our team members are not allowed to work if they are sick. Customers who are sick are also not allowed in store.

Industrial Safety

Separate from hygiene, our risk assessment had to account for a variety of common industrial safety hazards.  These include slips, trips, falls, and physical contact among others.

Our floors have a special material that adds a rough texture to maximize traction.  Our layout is an open space concept that allows our team members to see all customers.  In contrast, many virtual reality arcades have walls for each station.  Our open space layout and staffing levels contribute greatly to our risk reduction.

From a technology perspective, virtual reality systems have a "guardian" that keeps the user in a defined physical space.  A virtual laser wall will appear in the headset if the user encroaches on the limits of their station.  Above all, our team members providing great service to our customers also reduces any risk of physical contact.

Bottom Line

As parents and avid users of our systems, we take the health and safety precautions that we would expect as customers ourselves.  These are grounded in science and medical industry standards.


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