Due to multiple requests from customers, we are proud to offer a Neverland Virtual Reality membership program!  Like a ski pass, the cost of the membership is more than paid for with repeat visits each month.  We want NeverlandVR to be your exclusive VR playground and we know NeverlandVR wouldn't be possible without you.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes six (6) hours of virtual reality per month (on weekdays and 7-9pm on Weekends) - $270 value per month
  • 33% off any additional hours each month (on weekdays and 7-9pm on Weekends)
  • 20% off 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stations on each visit
  • 15% off 1-6pm weekend bookings
  • Free entry into tournaments - $40 value per month
  • Total MINIMUM value of $310 per month


  • $179/month
  • Membership is on a per person basis


  • Your membership fee is paid for in just four hours - ($179/$45 standard hourly rate)