Reserve Time

VR date night at Neverland Virtual Reality in West Chester
Girls birthday party at Neverland Virtual Reality in West Chester
Girl scout exploring the international space station in VR at Neverland Virtual Reality in West Chester

Who Should Use Our Reserve Time Page?

Our Reserve Time page is designed for individual station bookings.  Consequently, if you would like to book an event or party, please visit our events page.
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Book Time Now

Click the Book Now button to visit our booking page and make your reservation.  Reservations are strongly recommended so we can ensure that we have a station available for you. We don't like waiting and don't expect you to wait either.
Remember, each station has one headset. Only one person in your party can play at a time at each station. Therefore, if you want to play together simultaneously in certain games, you must book multiple stations.
"Room-scale" stations allow up to four people to take turns on one station.  Racing simulator stations allow two people to take turns on one racing station. During your visit, you can transfer time between room-scale and driving stations. However, this is based on station availability.
Station time and gift cards are purchased on a PER STATION basis. You cannot split a purchase up across multiple stations. If you want to purchase time on multiple stations, you must purchase the requisite time or gift cards for each station. Example: buying a 2-hour gift card (or two hours of station time) means two hours on a single station; you cannot use this 2-hour card (or station time purchase) for one hour on two stations. To buy one hour on two stations, you would purchase two 1-hour gift cards (or reserve/purchase two separate stations).