Team Building

Team building at Neverland Virtual Reality

How does it work?

Your team receives exclusive use of the entire facility for two hours for your team building event. This includes 90 minutes of station time. Depending on how you want the experience to be configured, we can facilitate to your specifications.  A member of our staff would connect with you to get a feel for your particular vision.  We have facilitated team building events ranging from free for alls to structured competitions.

What does my team do during this team building event?

Team building in its basic form is experiencing something fun and interacting together in a different environment. With virtual reality, you can experience multiple environments in the same physical location.  Walk a plank above a skyscraper; train to be a space pirate; box each other; fight zombie hordes; paint in 3D; sword fight skeletons; test your hand eye coordination with light sabers; work together in an escape room; experience a haunted house (and laugh at each other doing it); there are hundreds of options.

Sharing the Experience

We have five "room scale" stations and two driving simulators.  Part of the fun is in sharing in the experience that a fellow team member has.  This is achieved by those not in a headset seeing what the person in the headset is seeing via our ultra high definition televisions at each station.


We have plenty of seating and tables if you want to bring food and drink in for your event.  We deploy tables for sitting once the virtual reality action is complete.

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