Tilt Brush

Welcome to our 3-D artist page where you can view the artwork you created during your visit with us.  Do show off your beautiful creation by sharing the link to this page with your friends and family!

Artwork is organized by date of visit with the most recent creations at the top of the page.  Within each date group, artwork is organized alphabetically by first name.  Any artwork done collectively is displayed first, before individual pieces that are sorted alphabetically.

Navigating Your Image
  1. You can use your mouse or touch screen to manipulate each 3-D artwork creation.  Just click and drag the image around to move it.
  2. You can also double-click to zoom on specific parts of the image. 
  3. Scrolling with your mouse wheel is the easiest way to "walk through" your image once you have the direction centered. 
  4. Right-clicking can pause the movement of the image.

January 2, 2019