Virtual Reality Birthday Party

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Been There.  Done That.

A virtual reality birthday party is a fresh new trend and theme.

Princess party...check. Pool party...check. Sports party...check. Baking party...check. Arts and crafts party...check. Video game trailer party...check. House party with yard bounce house...check.

Even if you haven't experienced some of these birthday party ideas, a virtual reality (VR) birthday party tops them all because of its versatility. Above all, a VR birthday party offers fun for people of all ages and genders.  Therefore, it's not boy-specific or girl-specific.

Not a Gamer? Perfect.

Virtual reality is different than traditional console (Xbox, Playstation) or PC gaming.  Many people have never tried virtual reality before. As a parent, I've always tried expose my own kids to as many positive and healthy experiences as possible.  So, VR isn't just fun for all ages, (that includes you mom and dad), it's also educational.


There are eSports for console and PC gaming.  And then there are eSports for virtual reality.  The difference? VR eSports are more dynamic with physical movement in a 360 degree environment. In contrast, seated eSports on Xbox, Playstation, or regular PCs, virtual reality eSports require physical activity.

Virtual Reality Birthday Party Versatility

How Much Does It Cost?

With Neverland Virtual Reality in West Chester, Pennsylvania, you get the exclusive use of the entire facility for two hours.  Therefore, no sharing space with people that are not in your birthday party. Our team handles everything for you on the day of your birthday party.  So, you get to sit back...and actually get some VR time in for yourself.  Visit our birthday party page for current pricing and more details.


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