Team Building with Virtual Reality

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VR date night at Neverland Virtual Reality in West Chester

International Multi-site Team Building

Neverland Virtual Reality recently executed one of the first ever international virtual reality team building events. AstraZeneca teams from the United States, the United Kingdom, and India participated simultaneously.


Instead of incurring the cost associated with travel to bring these three teams together, team members were able to enjoy a fun, educational, and immersive experience in VR. There are simply not many options to visually interact with geographically dispersed co-workers in the same space. Standard video conferencing, mobile device video calls, or teleconference calls are not fun.  Console or PC video games could be an option, but there are no visual or physical components.


In virtual reality, team members were able to dance together to start their team building event. They were then able to experience the possibilities of virtual reality technology through various experiences. They experienced walking on a plank at the top of a skyscraper, a haunted house, an escape room, and many more. These are dynamic, social experiences that can be shared unlike traditional console or PC video games.  Colleagues can watch what the person in the headset is experiencing on ultra-high-definition (UHD) televisions.


Why Host a Virtual Reality Team Building Event? 

Team building events using VR accommodate a wide range of ages and preferences. There are a diverse number of experiences available.  Why settle on a single escape room?  Why settle on axe throwing?  With VR, you can experience escape rooms.  You can experience shooting a bow and arrow.  You can experience boxing.  Yes, boxing.  You can also race the variety of race cars on over 80 race tracks found across the globe.


In addition to AstraZeneca, Neverland Virtual Reality is grateful to have hosted team building events for team from Vanguard, QVC, Bright Horizons, West Chester Area School District, Garnet Valley School District, and Morgan Corporation over the last year. Consistent with our broader customer base, corporate attendees have never experienced virtual reality before visiting Neverland Virtual Reality.



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