Virtual Reality for Education

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Why Use Virtual Reality for Education?

The old adage from Confucius still applies: "I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand."  With virtual reality technology, you can provide an immersive, interactive experience that enriches learning for students.  VR captures and holds a student's attention.  It engages students in safe, repeatable environment where they can make mistakes and solidify learning.  Once you put on a top-of-the-line VR headset (not Google Cardboard), your personal a-ha moment answers this question immediately.  Again, "I do and I understand." Visit us in West Chester, PA or contact us to schedule an on-campus demonstration.

What Can I Do with Virtual Reality Technology?

We continuously add educational content each month that spans the breadth of education from STEM subjects to Art History and everything in between.  Dissect a frog, experiment in a  chemistry lab, visualize the Doppler Effect, travel through the human body, experiment with electrical circuits, visit the Oil Sands in Canada, view masterpieces.... Contact us with your field of study or interest and we can work with you to deliver for your students.

How Much Does Virtual Reality Technology Cost?

The range of what some call "Virtual Reality" technology hardware can range from Google Cardboard at $15/headset plus a Chrome or iOS device to high-performance PCs with Ultra-HD headsets.  For software content, some call 360 degree video tours "Virtual Reality".   It's technically not. The opposite and higher end of software content places a virtual you in a virtual world within the headset.  This wide spectrum and your individual requirements drive the many variables that drive cost.  We can help you think through a defined scope that can control cost.  Let us know what budgetary limits you have and we can recommend options.

How Do I Overcome the Funding Barrier?

Based on the school districts that we have worked with, funding comes from multiple sources.  STEM and information technology related grants help.  Re-allocating existing funds can be part of the equation, especially as you compare the cost of maintaining physical labs to virtual labs.  Fundraising activities can offset some cost.  However, long-term, especially as technology adoption increases and value is realized, new funds sustain the virtual reality program within schools.

We are pretty creative. Depending on the situation and stakeholders involved, we can potentially work with you to form public-private partnerships to help with funding.  Contact us to get the conversation started.

In-Classroom Seated VR or Room-scale Motion Tracked VR?

Wayne Gretzky said: "skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been." There is a monumental quality difference between seated VR experiences and "room-scale" VR experiences that involve motion tracking.  For the highest level of immersion that will have the furthest obsolescence horizon, the proverbial puck is going to room-scale VR.  A handheld chrome or iOS device used in a seated experience simply does not have the same level of computing power as a high-performance PC and Ultra-HD headset used in room-scale applications.  The leap from the classroom projector or tablet to virtual reality has to be big enough to warrant the spend. Otherwise, why not just use said projector or tablet?  That said, the specific use case should drive the specific solution employed.

What Does Neverland Virtual Reality Do?

Neverland Virtual Reality is more than an entertainment venue.  Entertainment only scrapes the surface of the use cases for virtual reality technology.  We are a turn-key solution provider that works with educators, mental health professionals, and industry to deploy and support virtual reality technology for their specific use cases.  We bring virtual reality technology into schools and classrooms.  Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us to help you bring your vision to life.  We can help you craft that vision in order to take your organization to the next level.

Meanwhile, let this video from the Wall Street Journal whet your appetite (for virtual reality).  There is also a selection of education content video trailers below. We now have over 35+ educational VR experiences ready for use with more added each month.

VR for Education Experiences

Useful Virtual Reality for Education Resources

Academic Research About Virtual Reality Technology
  1. Learning in Immersive VR - Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University
  2. Study on Virtual Field Trips for Learning About Climate Change - Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University
  3. ICAP Framework: Linking Cognitive Engagement to Active Learning Outcomes - This is an article published in Educational Psychologist. It highlights research on the modes of learner engagement in relationship to Bloom's Taxonomy for learning outcomes.