VR as a Service

NeverlandVR Provides Turn-Key Solutions

Current Virtual Reality (VR) technology with its base stations, tracking, and high-performance computing requirements are simply too much for the average end-user or even in-house Information Technology (IT) teams to absorb, much less leverage.

The industrial and educational applications for VR technology are an open canvas ready and primed for pioneers in mental health, education, training, human resources, design, marketing, and engineering to adopt.  The barrier, however, is the technology itself.

We are all busy with what our jobs are currently.  Innovating takes time and often, is simply not required of us.  NeverlandVR can help remove the barrier that VR technology presents and allows you to focus on your end-users, your stakeholders.

  • If you are a mental health or other medical professional seeking to leverage VR for your practice and patients, let NeverlandVR remove the technology learning curve for you.
  • If you are an IT leader, let NeverlandVR be the VR expert that extends your limited internal IT resources.
  • If you are an educator, let NeverlandVR be your partner in engaging students with full immersion that will improve knowledge retention and educational enrichment.
  • If you are a human resources professional or training and development professional, let NeverlandVR take your self-paced learning (e-learning) to a whole new level.
  • If you are a continuous improvement professional, let NeverlandVR help you deploy augmented reality (AR) prototypes into your process to improve productivity.
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